• All four surgeries are open for consultations.
  • Simply telephone us for an appointment.
  • Your consultation appointment:
  • You may be invited into the reception area at the time of your appointment. We may talk with you about your pet there, before and after his/her examination. We may talk with you outside depending on the circumstances.
  • To maintain social distancing we will still need to carry out the actual examination in our examination rooms with our vet and nurse only present.
  • We have increased the time for each consultation to minimise any waiting periods for you.
  • Please be prepared to wait outside at all surgeries until we are ready to see you and your pet.
  • Don’t forget to bring your phone and payment card with you.
  • Please don’t bring cash – it’s much simpler to do a card payment over the phone.

Caring for your pets together – we are only a phone call away even during this pandemic.