Important information about how we will provide veterinary care for your pet
If you are in self-isolation because you have been exposed to coronavirus or if you have any symptoms of coronavirus please do not attend the surgery but phone us first. You may need to arrange someone to bring your pet to us on your behalf.

Social distancing measures

In line with government guidance (, we have now put in place strict social distancing measures at our practice to keep you and our teams safe, secure the best care for your pets and help reduce the transmission of the coronavirus.

We will limit the number of people allowed into the practice. This means that when you arrive, call us from the outside and wait outside or in your car till we come to you.

We will ask you to keep 2 metres between you and any of our team members or any other clients. Look for the marks on the floor to help assess the distance and do not cross them.

We may start to talk to you and examine your pet outside first.

We may decide to only bring your pet in the consult room and ask you to wait outside. We will call you during or at the end of the examination.

If you are allowed inside the practice, please make sure you use the hand sanitisers available at entering and leaving. We have removed any non-critical furniture, leaflets and space chairs adequately. Please do not move anything and respect the 2 metre marks.

We will ask you to pay by card only and we may even ask you to pay over the phone during the course of your visit.

If you are ill or self-isolating you should not visit the practice. Call us so we can find the best solution for your pet.
We may offer video consultation. We will discuss options when you call us for an appointment.
We thank you for your cooperation during those tough times, we will get through this together

These procedures will help protect both you and our team.