Sometimes an external examination won’t fully reveal what is wrong with your pet which is why we use digital radiography to help diagnose the problem.

Our diagnostic facilities are used to investigate complex cases further and the use of digital radiography means that less radiation is used that the old-style photographic system. One of the main advantages of digital radiography is that the results are available very quickly.

Also, the digital image can be easily zoomed and enhanced to help with diagnosis allowing for fast and effective care. If it is necessary for your pet to be transferred to a specialist, it also means we can send the image to them quickly. X-rays are used to evaluate lameness, bone diseases and sore joints together with heat and lung disorders, vomiting and digestive problems as well as urinary problems.

To ease any stress on your pet, we perform x-rays under light sedation or general anaesthetic. They are commonly done in a day allowing your pet to return to the comfort of its own home in the afternoon.