Dog Advice

Remember - just because you don't see any worms doesn't necessarily mean your pet is worm free!


All adult dogs should be treated against roundworm and tapeworm every three months, whether there are obvious signs of not. Low grade infestations with roundworms can contaminate the environment with their long lived eggs. Any infestation with one or more of the different tapeworm types needs to be eliminated.

All the preparations mentioned are available from our surgeries, just ask at reception which are best for your pets.

We are always happy to give you all the advice you need.

Recommended Treatment Regime

We recommend worming once every 3 months with a good quality broad spectrum wormer


Pups need to be treated for roundworms. They become infested with these worms from their mothers, which excrete them in their milk

Recommended Treatment Regime

We recommend a liquid wormer, once every two weeks until at least 12 weeks old.

Start worming as for adults from 6 months old.


The aim is to eliminate transfer of roundworms from mother to pups, producing a virtually worm free litter, giving them a better start in life.

This is given from day 42 of pregnancy to 2 days after whelping.

Ask us about the best worming treatment for your pet.