Cat Advice

Remember - just because you don't see any worms doesn't necessarily mean your pet is worm free!


All adult cats need to be treated against roundworms and tapeworms regularly. The frequency of worming and drug used will depend on the lifestyle of your cat. We have available the very latest products which have been developed. They work well, are safe and are easy to use. We can tailor your worming program to suit you and your pets.

Our vets and nurses are always happy to give all the advice you need.

Recommended Treatments Available

Tablets - if you are able to give them

Spot on preparation  - that kills both both tapeworms and roundworms

We also have a product the not only kills both typyes of worms but fleas and ticks too.


Kittens need to be treated for roundworms. They become infested with these worms from their mothers, which excrete them in their milk.

Recommended Treatment Regime:

Liquid wormer - for very young kittens will with the mother.

We can prescribe a tablet or spot-on medicine for use from 8 weeks of age that treats any  roundworms and tapeworms. We recommend monthly treatment until at least 6 months of age.